Release 0.4 : Coming to the end

Just like in release 0.3, release 0.4 also requires me to find an internal issue(Seneca’s telescope) and an external issue and send pull requests for them. For telescope, I decided to stick with testing side of it this time. My issue was to create a test for all the logger methods used and figure out if they really exist. This issue was created as a result of failure of the logger.debug function in one of the previous pull requests. I created a logger test file and added the tests in it. I followed the same example as used in facebook’s jest repository.

test('logger.methods to be functions', () => { expect(typeof logger.method1).toBe('function')});

Issue | PR

For my external pull request I decided to work with Microsoft’s STL. The issue is to revise a file so that it uses a consistent pattern for SFINAE: default template arguments with a specific form.

Issue | PR

Apparently, Microsoft’s STL is a slow progressing project and not much people seem to be interested in fixing their bugs. Honestly, I wish could have contributed more to telescope like others but because of the weight of other courses I was really constrained. Working on telescope was truly an amazing experience because for the first time I got to work with an open-source community in which I can actually meet the contributors and members because I see them every week. This made collaboration and discussion much easier. Telescope has been growing so rapidly that I really had to dig in to find my pull request and issue submitted last week. I’m actually happy for where telescope is right now compared to when we started. I truly enjoyed working with open-source this term.

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