Release 0.3: Completion

In my previous post, I had discussed briefly on the issues I was planning to work on for Release 0.3. I worked my internal issue (telescope) where I had to configure jest – a javascript testing framework so that it provides a coverage report for the tests. The coverage report would present an analysis of the number of statements, functions, branches, and lines of the code tested. I configured jest within the package.json by adding this piece of code:

 "jest": {
    "collectCoverage": true,
    "testEnvironment": "node",
    "coveragePathIgnorePatterns": [

collectCoverageindicates whether the coverage information should be collected. Our testEnvironmentis node andcoveragePathIgnorePatterns indicates that coverage information should be skipped for the file. This what ‘npm test’ would give us with this addition:

Thankfully, my code was merged.

issue | pull request

My external issue was to change virtual functions into overriders. This was an issue I found in Microsoft’s STL repository. I had to lookup virtual and override functions again. I picked to work on a single function – _Doraise() because the code was too big for me to alter every function. I had to identify base declarations of the functions and add override to the functions within the derived. The pull request I initially submitted did not pass all the tests because of spacing errors. Also, my commit message for the pull request was wrong. I struggled with git to refresh what I had earlier learned about squash, rebase and amend. But thankfully that worked too and I got positive feedbacks from the code maintainers.

issue | pull request

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