Release 0.3

We have come to the end of Hacktoberfest and I was successfully able to submit four pull requests this month. That is something I thought I could not accomplish and now I am proud of myself!

Our next task -Release 0.3 requires us to submit two pull requests- one internal (Seneca’s telescope repository) and one external. The requirement is that the internal PR should be merged even though the external might not be. The telescope is the project that would help us re-build the Seneca’s Planet (feed aggregator). Initially, I had faced some trouble with npm and node which delayed the process of finding an issue. But I found an issue filed by the professor which I think I can work on. The issue is to add a tool to generate a test coverage report for the code. The goal is to configure Jest so that it automatically generates this report. The internal issue I am working on can be found here. My external bug is an issue from Microsoft’s STL. The goal is to finish marking all virtual functions as an override. The external issue I am working on can be found here.

I think the hardest part of this release is going to be the internal part of it mainly because I think it is harder to find something to work on as well as you need to get your pull request merged. But let’s hope for the best and see how it goes!

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