My Fourth Pull Request for Hacktoberfest

This is my last pull request for the Hacktoberfest. For this one, I found one issue somewhat similar to the issue I worked on in Gutenberg.

I was running out of time and was anxious because I couldn’t find an issue to work one. That’s when I connnected with my partner with whom I worked to fix the issue for WordPress. She introduced this repository to me as she was working on it herself. the issue I found was a documentation issue for STL which is Microsoft’s official repository implementation of C++ Standard Library which ships as a part of MSVC toolset and the Visual Studio IDE.

MSVC’s IDE has a Task List that displays ‘TODO’ comments which can be referenced later. The repository, however, uses ‘TRANSITION’ comments for temporary things. The issue was to change ‘TODO’ comments to ‘TRANSITION’ comments so that the IDE does not pick them but will make them show up while searching for TRANSITION. In the beginning, I assumed that I had to remove the comments by itself but one of the members made the fix clearer to me.

Here’s the link to the issue and the pull request I sent. I was so excited when they merged my PR! Now I am proudly a contributor to Microsoft’s STL and I’ve completed 4 PRs for Hacktoberfest!

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