My Third Pull Request for Hacktoberfest

As the third week of October began, the only thing in my mind was whether I would be able to find an issue for this week. Luckily, I was able to find one. I started my search by trying to find issues from some of the famous technology companies. I was interested in fixing more bugs for Gutenberg (WordPress) but unfortunately, I couldn’t find something to work on. I finally looked into Instacart’s repository- Snacks and found one issue which I knew I could easily solve. ‘Snacks’ is Instacart’s Javascript component library.

I worked on a ‘.d.ts’ type file which provides typescript-based information about an API written in Javascript. The fix was to end the need to use the entire interface when only certain components within the interface are required. The fix was to use the Partial Interface. Partial returns the subset of the specific type it is linked to. I think I have progressed from fixing spelling errors to fixing variable names and now enhancing actual code!

Here is the link to the issue and the pull request. The best part was that there was a clear explanation of the issue and also how to fix it. Looking forward to finding my last issue now!

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