My First Pull Request for Hacktoberfest

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that I was getting ready for Hacktoberfest. So far I have found out only one minor issue and I thought it would be a great start.

For finding my first fix I went through a couple of small projects in GitHub. Even though the projects were small the issues for these projects looked overwhelming mainly because I hardly had any idea about the project itself. It took me some time to understand what each project is about. I began by reading the documentation for the projects such as the and the CONTRIBUTING docs. I figured out that reading these documents will give us a basic idea and help us decide if we later want to work on the project or not.

The issue I filed was basically to fix a grammatical and spelling correction I found in one of the project’s documentation. It was a pretty minor fix but I’m glad I could find something to start with. The link to the issue I created can be found here.

The pull request I created could be found here. I fixed the issue by following the same steps as mentioned in ‘My First Contribution to Open Source’. I forked the repo to my GitHub, cloned it locally, created a separate branch, used vim to make the changes, added and committed the changes.

I did not receive many review comments for the fix probably because it was only a minor fix. My pull request was merged and closed. Now I’m excited to try more!

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